Lauryn Eagle on the mental health benefits of boxing

When you think fearless women in sports, you think Lauryn Eagle. She packs a mean punch inside the ring (you wouldn’t want to get on her bad side!) and credits a lot of who she is today from the lessons she’s learnt as a successful female boxer in a male-dominated industry.

She also runs her own gym where she trains and teaches people everyday about the mental and physical strength required to pick yourself back up after you’ve fallen. Here’s what she had to say in light of #MAKEMAYFIT. 

What are some of the mental benefits you have gained from boxing?

Boxing has always given me tremendous mental strength. Firstly, because you need to have commitment and passion and secondly, because you need to be structured and organised. Boxing has given me a channel to effectively deal with many personal emotions such as anger, stress, depression and self confidence.

What are some of the physical benefits?

As one of the most demanding physical sports, boxing has enabled me to shape my body in a way I am comfortable with. Also, with the intense cardio and strength workouts, I am at my peak physical fitness and condition whenever I am in training for a fight.

What lessons has boxing taught you and how have you applied these to real life?

Boxing has taught me to control my negative thoughts as well [work on my] patience, which I had very minimal amounts of prior to persuing boxing. It has also taught me how to think quickly on my feet. You have nowhere to hide in the ring and no amount of training can prepare you for where the next punch is coming from. It just teaches you how to analyse your position and react quickly and appropriately – not unlike many day-to-day situations I find myself in.

Boxing has also taught me how to apply the three D’s; Discipline, Determination and Drive. These three very important values are boundless, not just for training but for life struggles. It allows you to control the things you can and let go of the things you have no control over.

Can you please share your favourite boxing combo?

When I first started out, my favourite boxing combo used to be a right overhand. As my boxing career has progressed, my technique, boxing IQ and skill level has increased immensely since I began, thanks to my coach and mentor Billy Hussein. My favourite combo today would easily be either a left hook, left body rip or a right uppercut, left body rip.

Describe your ultimate warm-up set that preps you for a boxing session?

I usually skip for about 5 minutes at a moderate pace or [jump on] the spin bike instead before commencing the below:

  • Dynamic leg swings: both horizontally and vertically
  • Dynamic arm swings
  • Shoulder stretches
  • Elbow circles
  • Bouncing on the spot and bringing alternate knees up to your chest
  • Karaoke
  • Star jumps
  • Slow punches while jogging in a circle


Lauryn Eagle on the mental health benefits of boxing