Natalie Barr’s fantastic ‘dorky’ life

IF you follow Sunrise’s Natalie Barr on Instagram you won’t be bombarded with glamorous pictures of her perfect life as a TV star. Instead, you’ll find images from her youth, mum fails and quotes like “’why do they want dinner every single night?”. Barr says even though she’s a television personality, she’s just as “dorky” as the rest of us.

“I’m a mum, I’m 49-years-old, my TV life looks glamorous for those four hours, but I take my make-up off every day as soon as I get out of there,” Barr told Confidential. “The rest of my life is going to AFL, soccer and rugby fields in my gumboots, and it’s not glamorous.”

Barr, who has been part of top-rating brekkie show Sunrise for 14 years, says while her job requires her to be up at 3am, she’s been lucky to be able to pick up her sons Lachlan, 16 and Hunter, 14, from school. But that doesn’t mean she’s always organised.


“All those mummy bloggers who put out all this perfect information, it’s just a crock. We all just try to struggle through,” she said. “I get to four o’clock and sometimes think, ‘what do you mean you’re hungry? I don’t want to cook.’

“Some days it’s wonderful but every day is not a Kleenex commercial.”

Barr has partnered with the Federal government’s Return of Unwanted Medicines to launch a campaign to educate Australians on how to dispose of old medicines responsibly.

In 2015, 5580 children were hospitalised due to medicine poisonings, but the issue could be alleviated by taking unwanted medicines to a pharmacy for safe disposal. “More than 80 per cent of Australians don’t know this initiative exists,” Barr said.